CRD Systems Oy

CRD Systems is a company specialized in enterprise resource planning system and related services. The products are the company's own production, such as POS system BarTrace® and also access control systems, ski resort systems, cash and card systems for car washes and health clubs, various types of bracelets and cards implemented with bar code and RFID technology and related systems such as access control to a variety of executive and entertainment events, festivals, etc. We also supply the card payment terminals for POS systems.

Access control products include various gates. From our products you can find suitable gates for all needs; office buildings, banks, spas and theme parks, building and industry, retail, arena and stadium solutions, portable containers in different sizes furnished with gates. Gates can be equipped with a versatile reader device that reads all types of identifiers; barcodes, even from mobile devices screens, RFID cards, bracelets. Gates can be quipped with reader devices in accordance with the customers needs. All gates can be monitored with our access control system.

With our locking system doors can be controlled and allow access to locked premises. SI Locker is an electronic locking system for cabinets, dressing rooms, cabinets and lockers in swimming halls, sports halls, industry, for all the places that require locked cabinets and compartments.

Other products include Break A Way ski products for cross-country skiing centers and alpine clubs. These include slalom sticks, gates, security fencing, safety fencing, ski slopes marking equipment and digitally printed custom C-net nets.

Mr. Snow's product is a synthetic fiber artificial snow mat for all year round use, which is suitable for both ski centers as to other sectors such as amusement parks, sports and entertainment events and places.

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